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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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water. what the details in a live report. >>: is showing just how violent that earthquake was. and the labor day weekend travel rush is on the way. there's a big road closure on the san francisco and a state. >>: thi >>: george: the temperatures will be on the warm side as well. it's perfect weather for the holiday weekend. here is the forecast for today going forward. today we saw low clouds out there. this may be some drizzle of the coast. it's
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cooler in terms of the temperature. but it will feel muddier because of the moisture streaming over the bay area. tomorrow morning fog and afternoon sunshine. >>: george: monday the labor day holiday looks pretty good. believe you quickly on with the temperatures look like right now. we will have the seven day around the bay coming up. >>::: things are going pretty well all around the bay right now. there is no backup on the bay bridge toll plaza. we will show you this in a moment. this is for the morning and afternoon commute today. this is the closure of the to is the extension here northbound into
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san francisco. the conference have medium-size repairs. we have jackie sissel positioning himself and the optimum location to show us all of the traffic impact as it unfolds this morning. >>: jackie: the left inside is 1 01 north on. right at the to 80 split. i'm actually on the section of 280. that is traffic rolling into san francisco. that is the section that is closed. i'm glad to try to do this without making anyone seasick. you can see the closure right there. you can see that is the fly over heading to the trance. >>: jackie: is is where 101 and 280 needs. as the morning goes on you can see the biggest
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traffic is issues. everyone will have to filter into this one area right here. this is as the commute goes on. we anticipate send the traffic really come up. >>: george: take all look at this the bay bridge west bound. normally at this hour at any other day this week we saw traffic completely backed up to the camera view. it's light enough this morning that perhaps people taking the day off to see a jump on the last summer holiday. were falling >>: analysts have been called to the scene in chicago. here are pictures from the scene. and see the shuttle bus crashed into the tunnel free divider in the
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median here on the speeder road. he could see the front end is just smashed and. some passengers are lying on the sidewalk as the police and firefighters try to help them. we will have more details throw the newscast. >>: five days after the 6.0 earthquake in napa they say that the damage estimate topped $360 million and that includes building infrastructure and the economic losses. there been said to the president as in the white house to declare a major disaster. right now 30 broken water lines still need to be repaired that is down from more than a hundred of 20. more than 650 buildings are in yellow tag. hundreds of napa residents are still without water after the
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quake. >>: kron force will tran is alive in napa with that detail. >>:will: 4 under people this morning have specifically been without power. we talked about a hundred and 20 water lines damaged. one of those lines was right behind me. we sold to the sinkhole on wednesday. this in a red that your looking at is without water. they were just fine they were spending the last few days using a swimming pool. they were putting water on themselves at least that's how the base. they have to drink bottled water. things were turning back to normal social slowly but surely. the automatic sprinklers at this home went on. nappa errors trying to get off of its knees and stand up again.
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we're gonna show the video of the water damage. >>:will: we've talked about this 120 water lines damage. they were working pretty much around the clock. they knocked out 52 water lines. this morning they should complete the rest of the water lines. there is a lot going on. downtown napa is fenced off. the next time you see me there will be some water crews behind me. they're still scrambling to restore all of the water. >>: mark: here's a video of the earthquake from an napa but train yard. dick is the the extreme shaking from the yard.
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the video of last about 18 seconds. a couple other shot from the yard here as you can see the full 18 seconds of the quake. we can go to another section where the chemistry this it only lasts for the few seconds with the shaking before the camera blacks out. the kids see another vehicle and the north side shaking from the earthquake. >>: mark: you can get the latest earthquake information on kron 4 doc,. you can also download the mobile at with the latest news. >>: in update on the story we brought you yesterday morning with breaking news. the identity of the one man killed
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at burning man. organizers say that alicia chips riccio a 29 year-old from jackson fell in front of a bus and it ran her over. she worked at an art gallery near yellowstone. >>: 608 right now and the giants aren't featuring some marrow the release pitching and now these are in themselves a major league record. he went into last night's game retiring his 39 batters. he set a major-league record at 46. this is this well for the rest of the game. he gets that record and the giants went 2 for 21. there up 4 1/2 games but they are still behind the dodgers.
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>>: mark: still ahead on the kron 4 morning news abercrombie and fitch making a major decision about their clothing line. ...we need to break up.
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>>: gejames: no backup no metering lights even that the 6:00 hour not enjoy the nice conditions. human trials and at
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experimental ebola vaccine. the fda gave the searchers the green light after an expedited review of the vaccine. it will first be given to three healthy volunteers to see if they have any average of facts. it will be given to a small group of people between ages of 18 and 50. >>: coming up after this break will have the holiday weekend forecast in your traffic conditions. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
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>>: james: as a result we have moisture coming from hurricane read. will get to that as we take a light look at the satellite. when we pull all will talk about. look at the
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moisture in the cloud cover streaming off of that. this is why we see some much cloud cover out there this morning. you can feel monday that this afternoon. despite the fact that temperatures are cooler than they were yesterday this is what we will see around noon time. this is a thin sliver of 60 degree weather along the peninsula coastline. >>: james: in terms of their clocks temperatures will more backed up to 90 to 93 degrees for the delta. in the south bay maybe that one. most of you are looking at low to mid '80s for the south bay. 81 for san jose 834 santa clara. there are warm spots in the south bay. comfortable and sunny and and the upper 70's. this hot temperatures in the delta with
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low 90s there. we have mid-70s for san leandro. >>: james: the temperature there is right by city hall. sever cisco has low 60s along the coast and in the north the upper seventies to low 80s. here's your holiday weekend. it looks pretty good with inland highs in the upper 80s and the mid-70s right by the bay. tuesday and wednesday temperatures began to come back down next week. >>: george: tracking the closure of the to any extension and the northbound direction. this is the commute morning where the freeway will be closed. the good news is that we are looking at much lighter than normal traffic. we are also looking at the accident now that has been reported on 101. the chavez to
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the backed up on 101 and 280 rides are backed up. here is a live look at 101 north from. the traffic on the right side of your screen is the right coming from the bayshore freeway from third street. : >>:. this is reported that the lanes were blocked as you can see it's only a half mile north of our camera view. it is not too badly backed up. we may have dodged a bullet here. >>: george: is pretty light as you head to the bridges. the bay bridge is light enough here that we're not tracking any backups or metering lights here. and for 92 in the sammons deal bridge is completely problem free. is it easy drive time west bound under 13 minutes. for the golden gate
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bridge there's no delays in north, or south on. >>: mark: president obama let's say that the u.s. air and isis and iraq are working. he admits that he does not have a strategy to combat the groups. the president tells reporters that he's asked america to stop defense officials to appear range of options on isis and syria. but creating a and islamic states across the rock and syria. the president is not rushing the action in syria but said the plan is in the works. >>: president obama: i don't apply in part of the horse. action on the part of congress before i know exactly what it is that would be required for us to get the job done. >>: mark is a the: 6 another strategy it's a week or so away.
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>>: joan rivers is and the new york city hospital this morning after and she went into cardiac arrest at a doctor's office. her daughter says that mama is resting comfortably now but would not give any more details on the what 81 years old this condition. >>: erica: we're more information on the wedding of bread and angeleno. abercrombie and finch will face all lobos by the retailer struggling to recapture the market. this is gene behavior that caught them on the wrong side of the trend. they thought the brand name shifted to cheaper. this abercrombie's merchandise margins have fallen from about 67% and 2007. they're still price higher than other teen stores. they compared purpose
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is of them selling $58 compared with a 14 $95 dress at age and m. >>: mark: 622 right now ober is expanding coming out where and when you can catch a ride. apple has sent out invites to the press for immediate events we finally know the date that the phone will be on vail.
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that will be pulled off the date of the event. or it's made out of white material. whenever it is they're trying to see what apple is doing with this. it's something new as far as the media event goes. the police security will not let them get close to it. their slogan around this mystery structure. one other thing is about them to shoot choosing these flint section. >>: gavgbave: could have chosen this location to unveil a new round baking products. or it could be as simple as the fund center it's so close to the main campus in cupertino. it could hold more people. the flint center can speed up to 2400. the
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line >>: big news for a were and if you like to ride over its expanding to more cities and the u.s.. >> darya : its 24 new markets. now there is aware and new england to. the service allows you to connect with drivers now available and 200 cities across 45 countries >>: coming up on the kron 4 morning news she may be out in the u.s. open but she's not down.
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>>: mark in: shouting chants on wall street this morning. it's on the new york stock exchange. the tried to claw its way back over the 2000 mark. >>: people are trying to make it through this friday so they can get to the weekend. it looks like the weather is one to cooperate. >>: james: almost an hour. if kennedy family coming in time for the holiday weekend call had to make sure their flights are on time. here is a great shot from the mt. tam camp. this is the cloud cover that we've been dealing with at s f zero. the
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forecast is going to be beautiful this afternoon. will get some sunshine not only today but all we can long. once again the usual pattern is the upper fifties and low 60s. >>: james: everyone is in this range this morning here are the calls from the satellite perspective. these clouds are coming to eight from from hurricane read. there's a lot of moisture associated with that. we will get higher humidity sell it to be a little muddy and sticky for you. we have 93 degrees for antioch and the greater delta. we have the upper 80s for livermore. in the south bay it will range. san jose we have the low 80s. it depends on where you are to get what kind of high whether you will enjoy this afternoon.
6:32 am
oakley will spec 73 and and the north bay the upper seventies. >>: james: this is going to be gorgeous this holiday weekend. >>: george: we continue to check the closure on interstate 280 to the 280 extension. as close from the one no one interchange all the way to the end of king street. we are starting to see things slow a bit on the approach. it's also noticing that the interchange we do not see any so traffic on 101. there's an accent just before the interchange and that might be the reason why. >>: jackie: and looks like you can see this chp car that's for the 280 extension is close.
6:33 am
that's too 80 coming from bailey city going on to the flight over the mergers and 101. the traffic is starting to back up there. obviously you're merging onto one no one with all the extra traffic. this is a hot spot bad and the fourth of july weekend. this is blood to be a spot that is a problem for people also. >>: jackie: yet people tried to get onto one no one southbound they have all the extra traffic. it's only 630 see how looks and a half hour. >>: mark: take your camera over to the left and show was the no. kron approach 2101. this is something we can do here. take a look at this the traffic here is very light coming up to the to 80 interchange. they have a live shot here and yet these centers are showing that traffic is
6:34 am
backed up on 101 north kron. you can see the center showing us the heavy traffic here. there was an accident just outside of jackie's camera view. the traffic is backing up leading to silver ave. >>: george: it's moving up past the 28101 split and that could be the beginning of the backed up leading to the city. one place where-leasing later than usual traffic is here at the bay bridge toll plaza. thankfully no meter in lights and no backup and no delay. >>: mark : the but gas prices are the lowest level of 2010. the regular gas average is 18¢ less than it was last year. there's 2¢ a gallon that it was for labor day 2012. south carolina has a low live average price.
6:35 am
here's average prices of the bay area. 385 in san francisco at $4 a gallon in vallejo i386. >>: no charges will be filed against the santa rosa mom who was accused of choking a 12 year-old boy who she felt was blowing her daughter. she has denied all laying a finger on the boys. ever since our rest back in may yesterday's the district attorney's office announced they are not going to file charges the prosecutor says after interviewing witnesses some said they think that she choked the boy and others said that they don't think she did. it's difficult to prove the charges are beyond a reasonable doubt. >>: mark and: out verso recline
6:36 am
seats on american airlines flights. is the second time the incident like this happen this week. a french resident of sat on the a flight to miami to paris. he grabbed the autumn of red kroeber brimmer tried to calm him down. one of the passengers used a stopper on this trade table from reclining hersey. she in turn threw water in his face. >>: cc dallas was front center at the u.s. opening. she played under the bright lights in front of a huge strategy. she showed that she belonged there even though she is so young. she is dominated in the second that winning but she faded and and and lost six of the last seven games. she loses a hard ball
6:37 am
last here she is after the match. persius such a good sport. >>: right now she's ranked 2000 and in eighth and the world. >>: the pennant races are heating up join us this sunday night as we break down the huge 30 between the a's and the angel syria must oppose the the giants take on the milwaukee bowlers.
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6:42 am
>>: marked: say this bay area woman is suffering from a on recognize mental illness. she said that she's homeless and suffers from something called whistleblowing trauma syndrome. she's been medically diagnosed with major depression. she spoke about her breasts and questioned airport security. >>: whereas the government allowed me to get pass security points until i forced the issue back in february and pretty much had to be begged to be arrested. >>: mark to: is arrested in phoenix airport this week. she has tried to do again that sfo as well. they're questioning the mental health evaluation. >>: will we come back level full look at the forecasts for you.
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we'll talk about today and your holiday weekend in just a moment.
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>>: it was nine years ago today and this was the weather and the huge event of hurricane katrina that went along the gulf coast and had under a 40 mi. per hour winds. devastated mississippi and the louisiana coast. wipe out home's offer of their foundation in new orleans. this
6:46 am
left the city summers to over 20 ft. of water. it claimed the lives of 1800 people and caused zero hundred and $25 billion in damage. >>: right outside this is are mocked him camp. >>: it's good to be gorgeous today this is the view from above the clouds that we are in the impact in the bay area right now. below is a different story. we're looking up and all we can see it's overcast conditions. there's barely a breeze out there. we do have delays out of as f zero about an hour delay for arriving flights. we have the upper fifties to low sixties for most of the bay area. you
6:47 am
can get the idea. we have a mile star and as you saw and felt live shot it's cloudy. >>: james: this is the courtesy of hurricane reappeared what does that mean for you? later on this afternoon is good to be muddy conditions with higher humidity today. we're looking at '70s and '80s and by three in the afternoon were looking at the slow '90s for the inland and east bay valleys. technically it will be a touch cooler. just because of the humidity is going to be muddy. here's what the temperatures light. most temperatures in the bay area fall within those two numbers. it will be one of those made to potentially upper 80s for the south bay. east bay low 90s. >>: james: mid '80s for san
6:48 am
ramon and the san ramon valley. these patients is 72 and hayward it's about 73 in oakland. upper seventies below 80s and the north bay. your holiday weekend is looking great. warm temperatures and and mild by the bay. >>: george: we have been tracking the closure of the 280 extension and san francisco and we're starting to see the impact of the closure here on interstate 280 north on. if you see the traffic here backed up about 1/3 of a mile and the approach to the 81 split. traffic is otherwise coming here. it's on the 280 extension. 280 extension is close. he said he's not getting into this and made a in a legal maneuver by crossing to the gore point to get onto one no one south bomb.
6:49 am
it's also impacting the northbound direction as well. will show you that on the traffic map. it's because of an accident on silver. we don't see the backed up here on 101. you'll see the centers are showing now that the slow traffic that we saw from our camera review. >>: george: were looking: not live traffic all around the bay area. the bay bridge has no backup. the meter in lights at night yet been activated for the west bound ride. this is on 580 and 24 of the short freeway. this is your ride to the salmon tale bridge we are not tracking any delays. >>: mark: reminder that the new fares are going up next week it will be increasing from $2 to $2.25. the passes also going up
6:50 am
to $68. the bar pass will cost $80. this is a use fares that are not changing. >>: the teacher at the high schools under fire effort starting comments about her students that she posted on twitter. >>: strong words from parents picking up their kids outside of work memorial high school after they got wind about tweet set from teachers. she posted on june 23rd already want to stamp some kids. and on april 24th so happy to be done with school for 10 days. especially to be away from the ones who truly try my patients and make my trigger finger it's cheap. we shall the treats to parents many were offended. lima >>: reporter: you all think you
6:51 am
can hate teachers we feel the same about some of you were just not allowed to show it. hash tag # i secretly hates to. after investigation they gave him a recon recommend for the post that are not deleted. some students were quick to defend their favorite teacher. >>: she's a great person she's my best friend. i honestly believe that it's just a mistake that she made and i know that she feels just terrible about it. >>: reporter: she apologized and said that she meant none of it seriously. in the news to run justine waldman kron 4 news. the line >>: nfl is changing their domestic violence charges against the nfl. there six weeks of suspension for the first domestic violence defense. banishment from the league for the second act of domestic
6:52 am
violence. >>: the letter memo sent out to 15 owners he said he did not get it right in this case. they said there were seen on video at the elevator dragging his unconscious fiancee of the elevator after hitting her. it is guide to game suspension he said he was sorry any misstep and he was ready to accept any punishment. but also the team's to distribute a memo to all the players and the domestic violence and sexual assault are wrong. they are illegal and there never acceptable and have no place in the nfl under no circumstances. on the second of that sense there banished for life. >>: that guide had more. it was
6:53 am
stricter punishment for that.
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